Born and based in Finland. Inspired by the duality of northern nature, contrast between endless polar nights and long midsummer days. The visual foundation is forming from strong dark aesthetics and poetic muted colour palette. The core of the brand is a freedom of self-expression and conceptual, experimental approach to design. As an independent label, things can be made without being guided by any certain norms or rules. This is where Nordic minimalism meets punk-rock attitude.

Mission is constantly evolving dialoque between art, design and craftmanship and surpass the bounderies between art and utility artcles. By combining contemporary and traditional craftmanship techniques with experimental treatments, shapes and unique details PATOMÄKI is aiming to provide age and gender-free objects that satisfies both functional needs and desire of unique aesthetic.

behind everything

I am designer and craftswoman Pauliina Patomäki. I do this out of passion and because for me this is the only way to produce truly sustainable, purposeful items. I believe that if we understand how things are made and connected we take more responsibility for each other, ourselfs and this planet. I think true luxury lies in human values. It is orginality. Knowing the origin of things we consume and choices we make as a consumer, designer, producer, artist, people. Beyond just designing things, I want to open an opportunity to explore the whole story behind every item.

For me design is achieving perfect balance between understanding the desing concept, freedom of creating and problem solving. As an artisan and designer I focus high standarts using quality materials and durable construction. All materials used are sourced individually and items are made in limited numbers, as an individual work of art. Everything is made locally in my own atelier. I stronly endorse quality over quantity. For me organic continuity and staying true to my values is more important than rapid expanding.