Corrosion of Luxury

After dying

From trash to treasure.
Rethinking luxury and turning former waste material into exclusive collection of post-luxury bags.


Corrosion is the gradual destruction of material. The inspiration behind collection is stemming from shades of rust and corrosion process that converts a refined metal into a more chemically stable form.


Luxury is defined as something that is not essential but is desirable or valuable and provides comfort. Historically, luxury has been fundamentally rare and therefore exclusive due to the use of rare materials, imported goods which only a few could afford, dyes, stones and fabrics that were either produced at great cost or required great levels of investmen. Leather used in this collection was saved from ending up in the trash. Strong and durable leather had lot of natural imperfections, wrinkles and colour flaws. These type of leathers are rarely used in mass production or in luxury bags. Eloboration started from manipulating this unconventional leather, that was considered as a waste, into something rare and unique. Each skin is individually handcrafted as a work of art. Vivid surface is created by combining experimental dye treatments and paint.


Art like, high quality product that is timely and timeless at the same time, something that is made to last a lifetime and can be repaired. CORROSION OF LUXURY- tote is unstructured, versatile tote bag. There is something utilitarian about simple tote bag, as a contarery luxury bag is often considered non-essential object of desire. Era of ostentatious luxury with disregard for diversity has come to it`s end. The future for luxury is to return to its roots of craftsmanship and quality. Real value comes from the creative process that is resonating with cultural shift toward discovery and experience, individuality rather than overconsumption or waste production.


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